The Candy Bar

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Built with a base of Darjeeling black tea, this collection is bursting with colour & flavour. Served hot or cold with ice and maybe some cut up fruit if you're feeling fancy. Cocktail umbrella not included.


A strong whiff of the buttery popcorn as well as the sweet Belgian caramel bits takes you right past the Candy Bar as this tea is all the treats you need. Sweet and bold with the Darjeeling black tea, this treat should be drunk at anytime throughout the day but is even better in front of a movie.    


Darjeeling Orthodox Black Tea, Belgian Caramel bits, Popcorn and Food Flavours


Black based fruit Tea should be prepared with 3g per 200ml of water at 80-90C for about 2-3 minutes. Can be re-steeped 2-3 additional times. Thereafter, new tea should be added.



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