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Karigane has a unique flavour and aroma among teas, due to it being composed of parts of the plant that are excluded from the same yield that produces our Netto-Gyokuro. It is naturally very low in caffeine which makes it good for the younger tea drinkers in the family. Karigane stems are rich in Teanin which high in protein.


The brew enters with a strong taste of robust earthy tones, emphasising the use of the more structural elements of the plant. This is accompanied by a sweet creamy aroma, providing the counterpoint to the savoury flavour. 


Green Tea


Unlike other teas, green tea should not be prepared too hot, or you risk burning the tea and adding a bitter element to the brew. 3g per 200ml of water at 60-70C for 2-3 minutes is recommended. Can be re-steeped 2-3 additional times. Thereafter, new tea should be added.



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