Organic Sencha

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With roughly 250 years of history, this green tea has become a mainstay in Japan. Enjoyed at anytime throughout the day, this classic tea is vibrant, refreshing and enjoyed greatly with friends.


Like the majority of teas originating from Japan, this Organic Sencha has a clean and crisp grassy taste, with an undercurrent of floral notes. The earthy finish is reminiscent of the personal care that went into making this tea 100% organic.     


Organic Sencha


Unlike other teas, green tea should not be prepared too hot, or you risk burning the tea and adding a bitter element to the brew. 3g per 200ml of water at 60-70C for 2-3 minutes is recommended. Can be re-steeped 2-3 additional times. Thereafter, new tea should be added.



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