Minty Green

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This odd mixture of cooling mint and hot tea seems at first counter intuitive, but the more you drink it the more you will agree that whoever came up with this was right on the mark. A good pick-me-up after a long day or just before a longer night, this will help put you back on track.


The well-known herbal, comforting flavor of Darjeeling green tea, brightened by the hint of mint leaves which elevate the taste and linger on after the tea has gone to leave a fresh feeling.


Organic green tea, Mint


Unlike other teas, green tea should not be prepared too hot, or you risk burning the tea and adding a bitter element to the brew. 3g per 200ml of water at 60-70C for 2-3 minutes is recommended. Can be re-steeped 2-3 additional times. Thereafter, new tea should be added.



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