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One of our most unique teas to date. This blend of 11 different herbs, grains and harvested greenery combines to make a very different brew that does not fall under traditional categories. It was served first as a health drink to cure numerous ailments in Japan, but soon became popular just for the taste.


The savauge-esque origin is hard to ignore, the dried harvest of barley & corn provide a starchy hit to the almost green tea like base of smooth herbal flavours brought forth by the wild greens. 


Adlay, Cassia Tora, Barley, Oolong, Corn, Houttuynia Cordata, Lycii Folium, Cassia, Veitch's Bamboo, Jiagulan, Calyx of Persimmon


Unlike other teas, green tea should not be prepared too hot, or you risk burning the tea and adding a bitter element to the brew. 3g per 200ml of water at 60-70C for 2-3 minutes is recommended. Can be re-steeped 2-3 additional times. Thereafter, new tea should be added.



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